Alison Cox, LMSW

I am a fully-licensed mental health therapist specializing in adolescents/young adults, couples, and families. I recognize that taking the step to begin therapy can be intimidating so I will work hard to build trusting, therapeutic relationships with my clients. Once that’s established, we will work together to set goals and problem-solve. I utilize evidence-based interventions to help you live a healthy, empowered life. My path to becoming a therapist was not typical, there were numerous twists on my path. My experiences help me connect with younger clients who are also struggling to find their way.

I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Women and Gender Studies from Eastern Michigan University. I also completed a dual minor in Psychology and Human sexuality. After completing my Bachelor’s degree, I attended the University of Michigan and earned a Master’s in Social Work.

I’m in it with you. I’m not here to fix you. I’m not here to feel it for you. I’m here to feel with you and let you know you’re not alone.

-Brené Brown